Department Of Computer Science And Engineering:

Ph.D. Guidance And Ph.D.Guidence:

Ph.D. Students Guided by Dr. M. Ramesh in Computer Science and Engineering

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1. Sri N. Venkata Ramana Gupta, Thesis Title: “A Novel Method for User Centric - Integration in Manets Using Nature - Inspired Algorithms"
2. Ch Anuradha, Thesis Title: “An Efficient Outliers Detection in High Dimensional Data Based on Regression Techniques”
3. M Gowtham, Thesis Title: “Hybrid Mechanisms for Access Control and Trust Management in Cloud Environment”
4. Venkateswara Reddy Eluri, Thesis Title: “Color Image Segmentation Using Dynamic Histogram Based Rough- Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Technique”
5. Ch Kiran Kumar, Thesis Title: “An automated learning code summarization using anatomy and auto folding techniques”

Research Experience Of Dr. M. Ramesh, Computer Science & Engineering

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1. Guided 5 Ph.D’s, 12 M.Tech dissertations, 20 MCA and 30 B.Tech projects.
2. Presently guiding 3 Ph.D’s and 1 M.Tech dissertation.
3. Published 34 Research Articles in International Journals(Scopus/UGC Referred and other referred Journals) and
4. 3 SCI Publication with impact factor 4+ (SCIE - Springer Journal)
5. Reviewed articles of Springer Journal - Complex and Intelligent Systems(SCI)
6. Reviewer of Conferences – ICISSC-2021, MISP 2021 AND ICCIDE 2021

Present Areas Of Research Of Dr. M. Ramesh

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1. Machine Learning (Deep Learning)
2. Information Security
3. Image Processing
4. Teaching and Learning using Education Technology
5. Software Engineering
6. Distributed and Cloud Computing
7. Design Thinking

M.Tech Thesis Guided By Dr. M. Ramesh In The Last 6 Years

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1. G. Sowjanya, 2021, Project Title: “Bio-inspired cryptosystem with DNA cryptography and neural networks”
2. M. Vyshnavi, 2020, Project Title: “Automated Code Summarization for C/C++ Programs Through Crowd sourcing”
3. K. Kavya, 2019, Project Title: “Clustering Of Ocean Surface Currents Near Tamilnadu Coast Using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Project Completed @ ESSO- Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), Hyderabad”
4. K.S.V. Ganesh Kumar, 2018, Project Title: Keyword Query Routing.
5. K. Johnny, 2016, Project Title: “ST-DBSCAN: An algorithm for clustering spatio-temporal data of Indian Ocean Project Completed @ ESSO- Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), Hyderabad”
6. Sri B. Nagaraju, 2015, Project Title: “Entity Recognition system of Health Records”