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About the Department:

The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering started in the year 2008, and has been in the forefront of imparting quality education to the students. The department has a strong undergraduate program with an intake of 60 students. UG students are encouraged to undertake various mini- projects in the lab. The students are given soft skill programs to meet the needs of employability. The unwavering commitment towards students along with a pool of experienced and dedicated teaching faculty makes the department distinguished.

The department has a student technical association Named ELECTRA, which organizes events such as paper presentations, hardware exhibitions, technical quizzes, etc. to improve technical and soft skills of the students. With the support of Lemon-Pro pvt., Ltd., the department is making the students do industry-oriented projects. The department has reasonably good placement and higher studies record. A good number of students have been placed in various MNCs and have completed their master’s degree in India and abroad.

To be the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering striving hard to develop responsive teaching–learning methodology, research and employable skills in allied fields by empowering students to become globally competent and socially responsible citizens.

To establish partnership between Institution & Industry.

Program Educational Objectives: (PEOs)

To enable E&CE students to

PEO1: Be successful in their professional career, higher studies and research by providing contextually relevant academic environment

PEO2: Be committed citizens with social and professional concern.

PEO3: Demonstrate leadership qualities and managerial skills in heterogeneous team globally.

PEO4: Be independent lifelong learners to keep the pace of technological change and industry expectations.

Program Specific Outcomes: (PSOs)

PSO1: Apply the concepts of VLSI, Signal Processing, Embedded Systems, Communication and Networking in the design and implementation of application oriented engineering systems.

PSO2: Solve engineering problems using hardware and software tools and develop excellent communication skills alongside.

Objective [4]:

  • To provide the right inputs to meet the demands of the industry, liberal and create in-novative educational environment where in the students are inculcated with social re-sponsibilities and moral values.
  • Well qualified and highly experienced faculty balanced to cater to the needs of stu-dents effectively.
  • Spacious laboratories and well equipped with all experimental set ups over and above the requirements of the curriculum.
  • Spacious laboratories and well equipped with all experimental set ups over and above the requirements of the curriculum.

Vision [1]:

To empower the students to become technologically vibrant, innovative and emotionally matured and to train them to face the challenges of the quality conscious globalized world economy.

Mission [1]:

To provide an environment most conducive to learning and to create a stimulating intellectual atmosphere on the campus. To achieve Academic Excellence. To ensure a holistic development of personality. To spread education to rural areas.

Head of the Department

THE DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING (ECE) has consistently maintained an exemplary academic record. The greatest asset of the department is its highly motivated and learned faculty. The Department’s motto is to upgrade skills and knowledge of our young engineers to enable them to survive best in the present competitive world. State-of-art laboratories of the department provide ample opportunities to the students to complete meaningful projects apart from practice sessions of laboratory courses. We are committed to give our students an environment where they develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they advance through the program.

The interaction with renowned, experienced and senior faculty from IIT/DCE/NSIT etc. and other international universities of repute is an integral part of the teaching pedagogy so as to climb new heights in its objective of promoting technical awareness and technological inclusion in the region. The department regularly organizes seminars, workshops and training programs for giving exposure to the new developments in various fields. The latest up gradation in the Faculty members is disseminated for the enhancement of the student’s knowledge.

The department has good infrastructure and is equipped with full-fledged laboratories such as Analog and Digital Communication lab, IC & Communication Engineering lab, Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab, Devices & Electronics Lab, Optical & Microwave Lab, Electronic Design Automation lab, Networks & Simulation Lab and Signal Processing and VLSI lab. The department has faculty members having vast experience in their field.

All our faculty and students are dedicated to achieve this goal with full vigour, enthusiasm and good ethical values. We will be happy to receive your suggestions for further improvement and development of our department.

Faculty [13]:

S.No Name of the Faculty Qualification Year of Experience Designation
#1 Parasurama M.Tech. 12 HOD
#2 Jyakarhik G Upadhye M.Tech. 8 Asst. Prof.
#3 A Chiranjeevi M.Tech. 9 Asst. Prof.
#4 G Sunny Kumar M.Tech. 8 Asst. Prof.
#5 Shajahan Syed M. Tech. 6 Asst. Prof.
#6 P Anil M.Tech. 6 Asst. Prof.
#7 Prasada Nayaka M.Tech. 4 Asst. Prof.
#8 M D G Mounika M.Tech. 6 Asst. Prof.
#9 D Manikanta M.Tech. 6 Asst Prof.
#10 V L Maheswari Devi M.Tech. 8 Asst. Prof.
#11 N. Jyothi M.Tech. 5 Asst. Prof.
#12 K. Keethi M.Tech. 6 Asst. Prof.
#13 P. Gowri Diploma, B.Tech. 5 Asst. Prof.

Faculty Contributions :

Dr. K. Krishna Murthy:


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