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I have been lucky enough to shape the college and run it on the lines which have been helpful to me to achieve my desired goals. The faculty has been very service oriented, service minded and dedicated, all along with their highly qualified and optimum equipped with the concerned knowledge to achieve remarkable results every year. I must sincerely acknowledge their services in achieving not only excellent results but also making me achieve my desired goals. I must particularly mention the services of the technological and engineering faculty members whose job is naturally complicated and unless they put in all their heart and soul the desired results would not possible to be achieve. The college indeed feels proud of the numbers of the faculty in each department without whose outstanding services the college could not be what it is today.

A special mention is to be made of out faculties remarkable service in moulding every batch of the students in each department equipping them with all the essential technical and engineering properties skills and promoting their innate talent and encouraging their latent faculties to develop themselves into all-round technically skilled personalities to be able to be better their own lives as well as serving the community in their own might.

Dr. Paladugu Parvathi Devi MA, Ph.D